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February 2014 Glossybox - Be Mine Review

I know, I know, I'm super late posting this... but I had so many other posts that I was excited about that came first... So here we are, better late than never, right? Anyway, the theme for last month was "be mine", obviously playing on the whole Valentines thing. I don't actually believe in Valentines day, but it's still a nice gesture, and I do like pink. So how did the box compare to last month's disaster? Let's find out. I'd already opened it before I took the pictures this time because there was a certain chocolate goodie inside that was calling to me... Anyway, here we go!

How cute is the box this month? I always keep the boxes that I get for jewellery storage, and this one is just gorgeous. Not quite as pretty as my Pearl Lowe box, but it's cute nonetheless. As well as the usual Glossy magazine and card with your items, there was also a post card where you have to kiss the back and upload it  to the Facebook page for the chance to win a holiday somewhere. I wasn't all that interested, so didn't bother. But what about what was inside?

The first thing I pulled out of my Glossybox last month were these Eldora B110 lashes. They're cute and fluffy and not too dramatic, so I think I'll really like them. My eyelash glue ran out a few weeks ago, so as soon as I get some more glue I'll try these out and write a proper in-depth review of them!
These are full size and retail at £4.50

I then got these three little sachets of hair products, a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. I've heard good things about Giovanni so am excited to try them out. This is the Giovanni ultra sleek set.
I think these samples, at 7.5mL, are worth 25p per sachet (although maths never was my strong point). The full size 8.5oz products retail at £7.99 each.

Next was the Maybelline New York ColorSensational Stripped Nudes lipstick - could that title GET any longer?! I got mine in the shade Coffee Craze and I actually really like it. I didn't think I was going to, but it flatters my skin tone without washing me out or making me look like I came right out of the 90s. Well I did come out of the 90s, but you understand my point. The formula is creamy and moisturising, and it lasts for an average amount of time before needing touching up. I really like it and am looking at other colours in the range.
This is full size and is worth £6.99

The Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer was next. When I first pulled this product out, I was a little dubious. I hadn't used shimmer body lotion since I was 12ish and it just looked cheap. When I opened it, however, it smelled really nice (a bit like roses) and when rubbed in it wasn't really shimmery, more illuminating than anything else. It left my skin feeling silky and soft, and looking great! Will I use it all up? Not sure, but it was fun to try out. The bottom picture is it all rubbed in.
This is a 100ml sample worth £5.60, the full 250ml size is £14

My last (and favourite) item is the Ciate Paint Pot nail polish in the shade Cocktail Dress. It's a gorgeous red/pink that has the wonderful Ciate formula. I was hoping for the red one, but this is a really pretty shade too, so I really can't complain.
This is full size and worth £9

As a little bonus treat this month, Glossybox also threw in this Lindor chocolate bar. You'll have to enjoy this lovely stock photo since mine didn't even make it to photo taking time. 79p and absolutely divine. 

Overall, this wasn't a bad Glossybox. It wasn't exactly a good Glossybox, but it is an improvement on last month. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough for me to continue my membership, so I have cancelled my subscription. I'll buy something I'm really wanting each month instead! 

Glossybox is £10 + shipping, and this month's box was worth £26.84 (if my sachet calculations are correct). Not bad, but not the best. What did you guys think of this month's box?

Thanks so much for reading,
Kerry x

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