Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Portable Office

Something a little bit different from me this time; I'm going to talk about my portable office. The wonderful folks at Currys/PC World are hosting a competition where you could win a Surface Pro 2 tablet simply by writing a blog post about your portable blogging experiences. I decided to have a lot of fun with mine and do something a bit different, so I hope you find it entertaining! You can find more information about the competition and a link to the full terms and conditions by clicking here.

As I'm sure most of you know, it can be really difficult updating regularly when you have a job, studies or are just taking a holiday somewhere nice. Not only that, but you have to keep up with your emails and social networking platforms as well. The idea is quite daunting. And that's where the portable office comes in; technology that you can take on the go, post whenever and wherever, and keep up to date with everyone. Perfect. This is my personal portable office, for which I am eternally grateful.

That sign does actually say "how". Stupid washed out paper.

How do I portable-office-work-thing? I actually use a variety of methods. Why don't you enjoy this collective shot of everything I use?
The main thing to note here is my notebook. Without my notebook, I'd be lost. I really do believe that a pen and paper is best as you can often do things so simply that may take a lot of time to do on a computer, or may even be impossible. In my notebook, I can write down whatever I want in whatever layout I want to write it in. Usually I use this to schedule my posts, jot down new ideas for posts and jot down new ideas for series to feature. It comes with me everywhere.

The next most-used item would have to be my laptop. Blogging, social networking, emailing, playing, reading, researching, watching, listening, procrastinating... is there anything it can't do? I use this little baby for all of the above. Mine is very old now and is on it's way to the laptop graveyard, but it still comes with me everywhere and anywhere. If I go somewhere without Wi-Fi, I just tether the internet from my phone. Speaking of phones...

HTC Incredible S. Yep, it's old and a little bit rough around the edges. However, if you're somewhere where you need easy access to the internet, look no further. I use my phone for social networking, emailing, googling, surfing, jotting notes down if I can't get my notebook out, and obviously making those very important texts and phone calls. And playing Flappy Birds. Lots and lots of Flappy Birds...

My Google Nexus 10. My little tablet of joy. My companion on all roads long and treacherous. My salvation on the road trips of train hell. Yet again, tethered to my phone this baby can do anything. It's great for the larger screen and greater capability than that of a phone. It also loads the desktop versions of sites much quicker. I use it for pretty much everything I use my phone for. Minus the Flappy Birds.

Sometimes if I need a little bit of a break from brain activity (hahahahaha) I'll bring out my book. I absolutely love to read. It's by far my most loved past time and my greatest hobby, and it's nice to take a little bit of a break from this world and transport myself into another. It just gives me a bit of a rest from the mundane nature of every day life. Not to mention it gives your eyes a rest from staring at a screen all the time! Or if I fancy a bit of fun, I'll crack open the 3DS (Pikachu edition) and play a little game of something. Phoenix Wright, Pokémon, Animal Crossing. I love them all, and if I need to check emails or something while playing you just have to minimise the game and open the internet browser and away you go! Fantastic.

Well that's it for the how... What's next?
I think a better question is "when don't I?" I always have some form of technology with me in order to check emails and whatnot. I suppose the main times I use my portable office would be when I'm travelling on trains or in cars (as a passenger of course) or when I'm just lounging about doing nothing. Of course I have my phone on me every minute of every day so it's hard to try and narrow down exactly when I use my portable technology, but I'd say those are the main two. In regards to lounging about, it's usually on weekends and in the evenings, and travelling is during the week for various reasons. Oh and maybe if I'm out and waiting for something or someone. Then I'll occupy my time with technology and blogging and gaming. And Flappy Bird. I guess that's about it for "when"... Which leaves only one last topic to discuss.

Where do I use portable technology? Well besides in transport and waiting rooms, which I couldn't get a picture of in time, let's consult this series of photographs.

The main place is in my bedroom. Yep, neon orange, yellow and green. One of my best decisions. And this is on my bed, AKA my favourite place on Earth.

I also spend quite a lot of my time in the living room with my dad, and brother if he can be bothered to come out of his room and walk down the stairs. Teenage boy, what can I say? Sometimes we have the TV on, other times we just sit and chat. I love spending time with my dad - he's like my best friend and dad rolled into one. I still like to stay in touch with everyone though, so my phone or tablet will come with me!

I also absolutely love spending time at my local park. It's quiet, peaceful and just gives me a bit of time to myself. I even get to play with the dogs being walked, and that's never a bad thing. Usually my phone and tablet come with me, but sometimes I leave all that behind and just bring my book. Occasionally I'll even play on the swings, even though the park is meant for kids under 14. Shh don't tell! 

I suppose I'll stop rambling on now. This is all about my portable office, so I hope you all enjoyed reading. 

Thanks so much,
Kerry x

P.S. those signs took me a good few days to make, so don't laugh, mmkay? ;)

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