Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nail Art Weekly Project - Week Two, TV or Film

So a little recap in case you didn't catch the first post; the nail art weekly project was thought up by the lovely Danni at gingerbreadsmiles and is a weekly manicure project with set themes each week. Well it's week two already, with the theme of TV or film, and oh boy do I love this week. I've thought about what to do for this week for quite a while, and I just had to dedicate it to my favourite film of all time, Beauty and the Beast (Disney version). I grew up with this film and used to watch it all day, every day, for a good few months. Every time it finished, I just hit play again. I actually wore out my VHS copy of it, can you believe that?!

This is the image I based my manicure on:

And here's the manicure I came up with:

So what do you think? The stamping didn't come out perfectly, but it was a fun little project and I'm relatively pleased with the end result overall :) What have you come up with for this week of the #nailartweeklyproject?

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Kerry x

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