Thursday, 23 January 2014

My MAC Lipstick Lust List

On my recent blog-hopping marathon I came across two posts. Now I know what you're thinking - "oh well blog-hopping is going to leave you coming across posts. That's what it's about". But these weren't just any posts. I had found two MAC lipstick lust posts, one from the lovely Beauty Lover and the other from the amazing A Scottish Lass. Lipstick is definitely my "thing", if you will. For some people it's blush, some it's palettes, but for me it's lipsticks. I already have six MAC lipsticks in my collection and am showing no signs of stopping yet! So here are my top seven wished for at the moment.

1. Impassioned (Amplified Creme) - Amped-up fuchsia
2. Show Orchid (Amplified Creme) - Vivid hot pink
3. Costa Chic (Frost) - Frosty light coral
4. MAC Red (Satin) - Vivid bright bluish red
5. Ravishing (Cremesheen) - Clean light peachy coral
6. Morange (Amplified Creme) - Loudmouth orange
7. CB 96 (Frost) - Bright pinky-orange with pearl

If it wasn't obvious, I mostly prefer amplified creme finishes because I love a bold lip. I normally have a very neutral eye and love to go all out on the lips. Show Orchid is definitely my tip of the top most wanted right now, though!

So tell me, what's on your MAC lipstick lust list?


  1. This is a great list! Impassioned and Ravishing are on my wish list too. They are stunning shades! I have Show Orchid, and I absolutely love it! xoxo Lauren

    1. So jealous, I'd love to own Show Orchid! I don't live anywhere near a MAC Pro store though :( Hoping to pick it up online from somewhere. It's possibly one of my favourite shades out there. Impassioned is pretty close too though ;) x

  2. Great list! I love Snob & Creme Cup, my two favs. You'll have to post if you make a purchase!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Thank you! I definitely have my eye on Snob and Creme Cup as well. I'm guaranteed to make a purchase, I adore MAC lipsticks. Would love to see your MAC collection :)

      Kerry x