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Best Lip Products of 2013

Oh boy was this hard to narrow down. Instead of doing a collective "my entire favourites of 2013", I thought I'd group them into types of products so that I could explain them all in more detail and choose my top products in each category, lessening the chance of missing a favourite out. Today's topic, if you hadn't already guessed, is lips! I've chosen 5 lip care products and 6 lipsticks to show you today, so I hope you enjoy reading and get ready for a major pic-fest! Let's start with lip care products.

L-R: Lush bubblegum lip scrub, Body Shop pink grapefruit and mandarin lip balm, Watkins Soap Company cherry lip balm, Figs & Rouge Coco Rose lip balm in blush pink, Lypsyl in strawberry

With the cold weather sweeping the nation, my lips have really needed some TLC. I don't normally suffer from dry or chapped lips, but even so, it's nice to keep your lips hydrated and feeling soft and smooth. Even during Summer I like to wear lip balms, just a lighter form instead of a heavy lip balm. These five have been my go-to products for last year.

Lush bubblegum lip scrub - £5.50 available here
I love this lip scrub. I will never use any other exfoliant for my lips, as this is just bursting with moisturising goodness. One of it's main ingredients is organic jojoba oil which is one of the most nourishing and beneficial ingredients for dry skin. Add this to the castor sugar and you have a magical wonderland of lip scrub. It's well worth the price, and you only need a little bit of it to work wonders. And then you can just lick it off! Magic.

The Body Shop pink grapefruit and mandarin lip balm
I have no idea how much this was and it doesn't seem like you can still get it (sorry guys). I've had this for years but only recently started using it and it is heavenly. It doesn't just sit on the lips like many other lip balms, you can feel it sink into your lips and just immediately hydrate them and it lasts for a good few hours. I put this on before bed and I wake up to silky smooth, hydrated lips. I love this and will be gutted when it runs out. It also smells divine.

Watkins Soap Company cherry lip balm - £7.50 available here
This lip balm is utterly gorgeous. It contains hemp and shea butter which are both fantastic moisturisers, and it smells absolutely beautiful. It has a really natural cherry that isn't overpowering when on your lips and manages to smell gorgeous, instantly hydrate and last a pretty long time. Again, it doesn't sit on the lips, it actually sinks in. I also use this as a night time lip balm when going to sleep if I fancy a change from the Body Shop one and it does the same thing; I wake up to smooth, soft and non-dry lips. This one is still available and I'd really like to try out the other scents, too! I have my eye on the honey one next.

Figs & Rouge Coco Rose lip balm in blushing pink - £4.95 available here
I absolutely adore tinted lip balms. What's not to love about providing moisture and also a lovely wash of colour? The thing I love most about this one is that it's 100% natural and it's petroleum free which means it's not slimy or sticky at all, it's almost silky and glossy but is still hydrating on the lips. It's also really cheap and it smells exactly like roses! Blushing pink is a gorgeous wash of soft neutral pink, but if that's not your scene, it also comes in lots of different colours. I love my pinks, so this is a staple in my lip balm collection. I use this as a day balm as it's glossy and makes your lips look lovely. Your lips but better in a lip balm! Love it.

Lypsyl lip balm in strawberry - £1.35 available here
Lypsyl has been a staple in my make up drawer for years. Ever since I was around 6 I used to carry one of these around with me in one of the many flavours available, but the strawberry one has always been my favourite. In my opinion the Lypsyl lip balms are the best lip balms of all time, and they are so cheap! They last forever as well. I wear mine every day and reapply multiple times and so far this has lasted me three months. This sinks in instantly, never ever feels like it sits on top of the lips, is so hydrating and tastes and smells amazing. It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which are both hydrating and feel amazing on the skin and lips. I'd definitely suggest this one to everyone. It's my daily go-to and I've never been disappointed.

So onto lipsticks! Excuse the poor application, I was trying to do it quickly before the light faded outside.

L-R: L'oreal Rouge Caresse in Rebel Red (401), Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle, Avon Ultra Colour Rich in frozen rose, MAC Plumful, MAC Hang Up, MAC Fabby

L'oreal Rouge Caresse in Rebel Red (401) - £7.99 available here
This lipstick is really lovely. It's silky on the lips and is actually quite glossy. This is very sheer and gives just a light wash of colour on the lips, but creates such a gorgeous effect that I can't get enough of. I've repurchased this multiple times and plan to again in the future. It's quite expensive for what's considered a "drugstore" brand, but it smells gorgeous, feels gorgeous and looks gorgeous, so I honestly can't recommend it highly enough!

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in pink truffle - £7.99 available here
What can I say about the Revlon ColorBurst lip butters that hasn't been said one hundred times by other bloggers? Creamy, pigmented, moisturising, has such a wonderful colour range. Everything about these is near perfection and I, personally, have around six colours and want the rest of them. Pink Truffle is my favourite shade, though, as it's a gorgeous "your lips but better" colour for me which pops but still looks natural. Can't recommend these highly enough.

Avon Ultra Colour lipstick in Frozen Rose - £7.50 available here
This is a pretty recent discovery of mine. In fact I didn't even know I owned it, but when going through my make up drawer a few months ago I stumbled upon it and immediately tried it on. I adore this colour. It's frosty and shimmery but not obnoxiously so. I adore frosted lipsticks and this soft, pretty pink frost is absolutely one of my favourites. It's one of those lipsticks where I sit there and wonder "where have you been all my life". The formula is creamy and hydrating and isn't at all sticky or dry, so this is a "must repurchase" item when I run out.

MAC Plumful - £15 available here
This is the perfect "your lips but better colour" for me. It's very very similar to my natural lip colour, but a little bit brighter and more pop-y. It's a lustre finish which means it's semi-sheer but with a sort of glossy finish and it's very hydrating on the lips. Wear time for this is between 1-2 hours for me then I have to reapply. This is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time, and my main lipstick for if I am wanting a more natural look. It's definitely a beautiful neutral pink on me, but it's one of those colours that looks SO different depending on the natural colour of your lips, so you should try it out in store before committing to a purchase.

MAC Hang Up - £15 available here
Ahh my favourite fall/winter lipstick. I love pairing this with a neutral eye (although applied a lot better, of course haha) and find it is a gorgeous deep berry shade on my lips. It's a cremesheen so is ultra creamy with a gloss-like shine when worn, and also the most hydrating lipstick of all of them. Unfortunately the wear time for a cremesheen is about 2 hours, but this particular shade leaves a lovely berry stain on the lips long after the initial lipstick has worn away. This is fairly full coverage and I utterly utterly adore it. Warning though, the shade makes your teeth look more yellow than they actually are.

MAC Fabby - £15 available here
I don't see much written about Fabby over here on the blogging community, and I think I've only ever seen it mentioned once by the beauty gurus over on YouTube, and I honestly don't understand why. I find this gorgeous pale, blue toned pink with a subtle gold shimmer my absolute favourite lipstick of all time. It's a frost finish so it has a decent coverage and a sort of icy shimmer to it, which I looooove being the girly girl that I am, and the wear time is around the 2 hour mark. This is very hydrating on my lips and very comfortable to wear, and I also get more compliments wearing this colour than I do any of my other lipsticks. I adore this and more people should try it!

So there you have it, my top 5 lip care products and my top 6 lipsticks of 2013. Any of you guys love any of these? Or maybe they just weren't for you? Lemme know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you! :)

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