Sunday, 5 January 2014

The 3 Best Smelling Products of the New Year!

Hi everyone and welcome to Dull to Glam! I'll be your host for this evening (and the foreseeable future) so feel free to pull up a chair and relax while we delve into the world of beauty.

At the moment I'm really really into things that smell utterly divine. With the beautiful cinnamon and gingerbread scents slowly disappearing now that Christmas is over, why not pamper yourself with some heavenly smelling beauty products instead? I've chosen my top three for this month, so let's get cracking!

1. Possibility Marshmallow Frosting shower gel (complete with marshmallow frosting recipe)

Oh my goodness, this is the epitome of heaven. Heaven in a bottle. If you like sickly sweet scents (which I am personally a huge fan of with my major sweet tooth) then you will adore this. The predominant smell is vanilla, which is obviously the marshmallow scent/flavour itself. I really can't describe the smell of this other than "marshmallow" because it really is exactly what it smells like. And the recipe for the vanilla frosting on the front is a nice touch.

The texture is quite smooth and silky, and more on the runny side than a creamy shower gel, but it lathered really well and made my skin silky soft and smelling great after the shower, but not in an overpowering way. It was subtle and as I caught hints of it throughout the day it was a nice, soft marshmallow smell. I also really like the pearlescence of the shower gel. I got it from the 99p shop, so it's super cheap, too! I will DEFINITELY be trying out the other scents of this.
Overall I'd rate this product: 9/10

You can buy Possibility shower products from Amazon UK here but US folks may have to dig around eBay to find them. You can also make a wishlist on their website here and send it to them, then wait to hear back! I'm desperate to try their lip balms, too.

2. Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Fix Body Butter

I'm going to be honest here, I've never been a body butter sort of girl but I got this little gem in my GlossyBox a good few months ago now and I only opened it the other day. I think I must have spent a good ten minutes just sitting here smelling it, it's that delicious. As in good enough to actually eat delicious. It's only a little pot, but I've nearly finished the whole thing within a few days and so far everyone has complimented how I smell.

As you can see, it's thick and creamy and when massaged into the skin, it soaks in pretty quickly. Unlike a lot of other body butters that felt like they just sat on top of the skin, this one you can actually feel sinking in and moisturising down to your very core. It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated literally 24/7 which is unheard of for my incredibly dry, flaky skin. I adore this product and am definitely going to repurchase.
Overall I'd rate this product: 10/10

You can grab this body butter from Boots for only £4.24 by clicking here.

3. Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil by Paul Mitchell

Yet another GlossyBox item (I actually think it's from the same box as the body butter) that I use every time I wash my hair. It definitely smells like ginger, but it's not an overpowering smell, just a soft and almost delicate ginger that I love my hair smelling of afterwards. Every time I swish my hair, I catch a little of the ginger scent and smile. It's so fresh smelling that it's just a gorgeous one to pamper your hair with! It also comes with a pump to stop you getting too much product, which is a really nice touch.

No picture of the texture because it's just a normal oil so it's very hard to photograph. I use it by getting one pump in the palm of one hand, then rubbing both hands together and then run them through my hair when damp from root to tip. I then blow dry my hair and brush it. This makes your hair feel weightless and smooth but not greasy, which I've found with a lot of other hair oils. It softens, nourishes and my hair even feels stronger after using this product, so maybe it repairs hair as well? Regardless, I love both the scent and this product. It's definitely worth the price tag, which is £7.50 for 25ml or £25.95 for 100ml.
Overall, I'd rate this product: 9/10

It's currently unavailable on Amazon UK but you can find it on Amason US here. Alternatively you can find an Awapuhi salon near you by clicking here.

So that's all for today! These are my top three scented products of the month, lemme know yours in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


  1. I want that marshmallow wonderfulness on my skin NOW! How amazing is that?!

    1. I know! I was so excited when I saw it because marshmallow is one of my favourite things in the world haha ^_^ I think Boots has some available in the sale if you fancy popping in and having a look :)